It is our pleasure to announce that starting from January 2018, you can find in our offer 2 great brands of organic tea: Shotimaa and Hari Tea.

Hari Tea has developed a range of 11 loose teas, which combines authentic yogic wisdom with herbs and spices into unique, delicious blends that produce a specific well-being experience.

Hari Tea’s are divided in four categories, the same ones we seek to enhance in order to achieve a balanced and harmonious life.

It is no secret that the mental stress of modern life affects us. Shoti Maa (“little mother”) is formulated to comfort your senses in different ways.

Traditional and not-so-traditional herbs and spices are blended to give you an experience of meditative well-being. Seven fine brews from ayurvedic tradition and each delicious cup stimulates the energy centers in the body – chakras.