Bio Holistic is one of the leading wholesalers for organic, raw, vegan products in Romania. We have over 2500 products in our offer, from over 25 suppliers in 15 countries. As distributors of organic, bio products, we resell the products mainly to specialized shops – bio shops, natural remedies shops, drugstores, online stores, and also to kindergardens, HoReCa sector, manufacturers that require organic certified raw materials. Our offer includes almost everything in organic field: organic food, organic cosmetics, organic detegents, household appliances for a healthy living.


We work with over 25 suppliers from 15 countries, mostly imported brands but also a few romanian brands. The organic brands we distribute on romanian market are big european brands, and some small producers of organic products also. We are proud to distribute to our market brands of organic products such as Sonett, Davert, Lima, Erdbar, Biolu, Algamar, Higher Living, Hari Tea, Smart Organic, Germline, Raab Vitalfood. Also, our own brand of organic products, Obio, is one of the most appreciated brand of organic products in our market.


We support producers from organic agriculture field. If you are producer of organic certified products and you are interested in romanian market, please get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of this page. We resell our products to over 200 partners (shops) all over Romania.


We are suppliers of organic, raw vegan products for more then 200 shops all over Romania. We offer to our partners the widest range of organic products from romanian market. You can buy from us almost everything you need for your business, such as grains, seeds, oils, gluten free, drinks, cosmetics, detergents, bulks also. Get in touch with us, so we can show you our extensive offer of organic products. 


Spirulina tablets, powder and flakes from European origin

We are pleased to announce the launch under the Obio Premium brand of three new organic certified products of European origin, namely: -Organic Spirulina tablets 50g -Organic Spirulina Powders 50g -Organic spirulina flakes 50g The most important aspect of these new...

VAT change for organic products

Dear customers, We inform you that starting from 1-st of June 2019, the VAT tax for certified organic products (only foods) will be 5% instead of 9%. This change apply to all organic products that are certified and carry the EU organic logo for organic agriculture as...

Organic Spirulina and chlorella tablets in new packages

Our organic spirulina and chlorella tablets under Obio brand now comes in a brand new package and design. We tried to keep a balance between the commercial look of the products and our desire to help the environment by using less printed area on packages, using less...